Raising the ark of the Lord to Jerusalem

Raising the ark of the Lord to Jerusalem

The days of Eli the priest and his sons was a closet in the Mishkan Shiloh. When Nietzsche difficult war with the Philistines, and fell from Israel about 4,000 people, the elders of Israel to take the ark of the covenant of the Lord from Shiloh and bring it to the battlefield. But the defeat was great: and Israel fell 30,000 feet, including sons of Eli the priest, and the ark of God was taken by the Philistines" which brought him to Dagon their god. After the damages were Philistines and when they saw the idol fell, and fell again the next day and his head fell and both hands amputated, move the ark of the winepress, there was a very big uproar in the city, the Lord struck the people of the large and small. After all the Philistines sent the ark of the Lord to the principle, but also there was a death in the city. And Ark has spent seven months at the Philistines, Shilhohu Philistines toward Beit Shemesh new wagon and two cows that did not burden them and wagon came with the cabinet, to the sun to the solar field of Joshua House. Smote the men of Beth Shemesh big hit that saw Baron Lord, and smote the people of 50 070 people, and people come Kirjathjearim and raise the ark of the Lord to the house of Abinadab on the hill, and the ark of the Lord remained in Kirjathjearim for 20 years.

David brings up the ark of the Lord Casual fooling Jerusalem

Immediately after David conquered Jerusalem, he is going to bring the ark of God from Abinadab on the hill in Kirjathjearim Jerusalem. The whole point of the conquest of Jerusalem was turned into the holy site. David arranges the order of the holy Israel, the Ark of God back into place and everything in place.

To bring up the ark of the Lord wandering around Jerusalem, King David adds a further 30,000 people great guys. "Then again another uncle any man in Israel thirty thousand" (II Samuel, F, I). By fortresses David: Many were collected by him from time to reign, it said adding another pick to the Israeli parliament, upload closet. "And David arose and went with all the people that bring out the owners of Judah cabinet god." And together with 90,000 people going Cdiloalot the ark of the Lord to Jerusalem with much dignity king. They make up the ark of God on a new cart and carry the ark from Abinadab, "and Uzza and his fellow Avinadav drivers the new cart, and his brother went before the ark, David and all the house of Israel games before Yi all cypress and lyres and harps and timbrels, and the keyboard and chives., And came to Gran true Gaza sent to the cabinet god and he grasped it that dropped the controller., and anger though Yi Gaza and smote him there god on Heschel and died there with the ark of god ". Gaza died because failing to take precautions: Instead of carrying the ark of the Lord on the shoulder left him in the cart. And the Levites carried him, and gave cows to drive the cart themselves, as did the Philistines. And when they dropped the controller and the coffin was hanging in the air, although Gaza was a righteous man, he reached up to grab the closet and trust him, and that was not allowed. Only the Levites were allowed to touch the coffin and carry it. There is no doubt that the intention of Gaza was good, but how is it possible to think Ark will fall? We have already seen crossing the Jordan, Ark carried not only himself but also the subject. Very strong death angered David, but he did not give up on raising the ark of the Lord into the city of David. David corrected only Levites carry the ark of the Lord, and in the meantime his staff to the work Red Gittite was Levi.

Thanks to the great honor of Red Gittite who works in the closet 'for three months at home, Gd gave him" the great blessing in every house: "And it was told king David, saying: Knee Yi worked Aֱdm house and everything in it for god Closet". By Radak St. – Welcome – he blessed the sons and daughters of working red Gittite and all that he had. Since he was a closet in his home, had to work a blessing sons and wealth and a good addition to everything., Demanding our rabbis, z "l: Eight his words gave birth to six six belly one., and Chronicles, as" and, H. presents: "all these structures worked Aֱdm Hema, and their sons and their brothers force force man to till sixty years to process Aֱdm."

When King David heard it, he groups the elders of Israel, ministers, priests and Levites to bring up the ark of the Lord to Jerusalem with joy, shouting and with the sound of the shofar. "And David went and god from the cabinet worked Aֱdm city of David with joy." Levites carried him this time, as written in the annals A, T" and, T" and: "And the Levites the sons of god ark, as God had commanded Moses as Yi their shoulder, their headquarters." By Red" Jack: Because hell, their shoulders sticks, felt the coffin carries himself, ie borrowers pallbearers did not feel it, they feel like there is no burden on their shoulders, and thus knew that God Ozrm negotiated in closet.

And more described chronicles how David said ministers the Levites to their fellow poets to instruments, harps and violins and cymbals, and the Levites put the brethren in Song: cymbals copper harps damsels, violins for the eighth win … "And David and the elders of Israel and the captains of thousands who walked bring up the ark of the covenant Yi House worked Aֱdm joy. "

And after all the six steps walked sacrificed and gave her 'Thank you for not burst them like Gaza. "And that bear the ark Yi walked six steps and hath slain oxen and healthy … and David gyrating all goat before Yi" … David is happy and dancing all power. "And David curling coat of mud" David pulled off his glorious reign clothes, and going before the ark of the Lord vest fabric to show humility before God. "And David Vest fabric., And David and all the house of Israel bring the ark Yi flourish and shofar and trumpets and Bmtzltim, who heard harps and candles." And bring the ark of the Lord from Jerusalem in the tabernacle, "and brought the Ark of the Yi and represented him in his place in the tent, which tended to him David, and David offered burnt before Yi and well."

Radak: just offer him David to Jerusalem and knew that Ark dwell there forever, that acceptance was they that Jerusalem is the holy city where the Temple is rebuilt, although they did not know exactly what place in the city. Till he built an altar according to David the prophet Gad Jebusite threshing coffin and dropped the fire from heaven, so David knew that there will be built the temple., but until that time did not want David to put him in a covered but under the sheet as it was before. and it is the coffin were the boards integrity (or wholeness and broken to know who said panels and broken tablets We were of the closet .) Why did not David the ark Giv'on that there was a tabernacle? by knowing that the tabernacle was coming to Jerusalem, and he thought that it would be his day and he will build the temple, so then brought the ark to Jerusalem asked the prophet Nathan: Do build a house for , that David thought he was the one who built the temple.

After regaining David the ark of the Lord to its place in the tabernacle, and laid the shifts of the priests and the Levites and the singers, and sacrifice – Knee King David the people in the name of God and gave each lot in Israel, both man and woman for each: Honeycomb bread and finishing one – a piece of meat, and a flagon – full fart wine. Then all the people went to their homes and David returned to bless his house.

When he reached the ark of the Lord, that Michal the daughter of Saul looked out the window that King David thought, when she saw him dancing and dancing before the Lord. And when David came to his house to meet him out container and said, "How glorious was the king of Israel today, which appeared today before the eyes of his servants to expel unveil mothers of insects." Know cylinder when fawning over King David before the ark of the Lord, he did not do as the king of Israel. "And David said to Michal: Before Yi who chose me from your father and all his recommendations to me with the Governor at the Israeli Yi, Yi and I played before." And said Hazal: you do not have a Jew trashed itself commandments more measured. Fort and David "Delivered: Misdemeanor looting the container facilitated King David before the ark of the Lord dignity -" And Michal the daughter of Saul had no child to the day of her death. "Delivered Hazal ox if the resent sixth son of King David is Michal the daughter of Saul, and she died giving birth to her son.

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