Preparing the building of the Temple

Preparing the building of the Temple

Preparing David Temple building

"And David said: Solomon my son young and tender, and the house build Leigh increase over there and the glory of all lands, please'll make it., And where David rabbi before his death."

Once David learned the exact location of the temple, immediately began to organize the construction of the temple. First made ​​King David in all his victories over the enemies around the background tranquility, security and peace which prevails in the days of King Solomon his son, and the days of the Temple, "non Yi Aֱlkichm with you and put you around, that gave me the inhabitants of the land and the land is subdued before Yi and before him"

(I Chronicles, c" b).

Malbim: Rest enemies is a prerequisite to the building of the Temple, as written in the Torah Deuteronomy" b, Y. – J." A "and put all your enemies around you and you were sitting right. And was the place chosen by Yi Aֱlkichm the rest His Name "…

King David who was active in the building of the Temple, made over the years massive amounts of construction materials needed to build the Temple: King David puts Hozvim carve ashlar, makes most iron, nails, copper usually no weight, 1,000,000 – million Cichri money (million Cichri money ! Double 43 kg square = approximately 43 million pounds of money!), cedar trees without number, 100,000 Cichri gold, precious stones and other … (more details will be brought below). And most professionals, laborers, craftsmen, artists and more … large and commanding the ministers of Israel to help Solomon his son: "David commanded all ministers of Israel and help Solomon his son."

David prepares the priesthood and funeral shifts, poets, doormen, Gizbrim and more … and thanks to all the devotion of King David for the building of the Temple, considered him as if he built the temple.

David prepares Temple building materials

Delivered Chronicles, as" in: "And David said to enclose the living in the land of Israel (David occupied the living, because he did not want to employ the Israeli hard), and stood Hatsavim carve ashlar build a god, and iron Rabbi nails doors gates and notebooks David prepared and brass in abundance without weight, and cedar trees without number that led to the Sidonians and narrow cedar trees Rabbi David … and here regarding home-made DJ talents of gold a hundred thousand in the Encyclopedia Carta in collaboration with the Temple Institute: "Temple of Jerusalem", page 49, every square = 43 K gold" c. meaning: 100,000 Cichri gold = 4 million and 300 thousand cubic" c gold!, and a thousand thousand talents of silver that's a million Cichri money! (million square double 43 kg = about 43 million pound money!), and of brass and iron no weight because the rabbi was, and trees and rocks I made and they will continue, and thy Rabbi Ashi craft, minerals, and stone and wood cutters, and smart all work "…

Delivered Chronicles, as" T: When volunteers David king the people building the temple in the presence ministers of Israel, he says, "and the more alive I prepared to godlike: Gold and silver, and brass, brazen, iron iron and trees to trees, stones are and reservist, feather stones and embroidery, and precious stones, and marble stones rabbi.

And want more in godlike, I have Segle gold and silver gave to godlike (purple – by whitening" from intent: I have a treasure of gold and silver refined that has purple, which will throw the walls built of ashlar, since the Temple should be built in splendor and dignity) . Above all I prepared a temple: three thousand talents of gold gold Ophir, and seven thousand talents of silver refiner, safe walls of the houses. Gold and silver, and all work hand-deaf "… Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish: the world was not worthy to use gold, and what was created (gold)? For the tabernacle and for the Temple.

(Midrash Rabbah names retired to" E).

In addition to the pure and fine gold which left King David King Solomon and the level of refining and clean high Almighty King Solomon discovered a hidden treasure of gold from paradise. According to the Gemara and commentaries: King Solomon used in 7 types of gold coating all the walls in the Temple: gold, fine gold, gold thread, gold closed Ophir gold, gold Froweim gold Mofaz.

Seven types of gold:

One. Pure Gold – Golden usual it known to us today. This refined gold were Tohin it the walls. Rabbi Yehuda in the name of Rabbi Ammi said: a thousand talents Solomon introduced a thousand times the reactor, and had but one loaf (Midrash Raba). 1,000 loaves of gold Solomon received distilled Gold Square One, who refined a thousand times.

Second. Better gold – literally, who melted it stays the same amount. Solomon was a fire melts the gold, and although when putting the gold into the fire amount of gold diminishes, King Solomon took the best gold fire many times, and yet gold remains exactly the same amount. According to the Gemara: King Solomon brought gold 1,000 times that fire and took exactly the same amount, not subtract from anything, and that's fine gold.

Three. Gold thread – thread – pull. This gold was drawn like a thread. Gold soft and comfortable Lharka spun thread, and it was very good gold wax was drawn fine threads of gold, and make of it a kind of gold braid, and was found in the temple.

Four. Gold Close – This is a beautiful gold with beautiful shades as a kind of scarlet. Clean and refined gold and distillation process as a closed reactor in order to cleanse it of scale jeweler, and he takes the slag smoke. When this gold comes to stores to be sold, all close their shops and come to see him and hence the name (Yalkut Shimoni Genesis.) Gold closed was closed for each gilt were there, that's fine gold were Tohin where the walls, and the the Sanctuary, and the Holy of Holies. And all the dishes were done away: sofas and fountains and shovels and forks and spoons, and the censers. And anyone who has it, Sugrue himself.

Five. Ophir gold – gold SEX expensive next Ophir. Ophir Gold is the strongest gold, this gold which is worth any price you give for it (stain Ophir).

6th. Froweim gold – gold with red accents It resides only in Heaven, where is a tree with growing gold. Gold Froweim – like the blood of bulls with praise and Admimoto. Gold Froweim language: Cow and Rave, namely: gold makes fruit. When Solomon built the Temple narrow all sorts of trees, and at Ilan Sade do fruit – those in the Temple doing fruit, and it seems that fruit really would do for eating, but the fruit of gold (Maharsha" a), and were shedding their fruit and Mlktin them and place them put its Home. And as for putting Menashe desecration – dry all those trees.

7th. Mofaz gold – gold is good and refined matte and slag and similar Paz, similar to crystal clear gold (Crystal – white glass resembling stone), and matte spy (and by the Gemara Margalit is a diamond). Gold Mofaz is not in today, it is gold that showed Saint – Welcome – King David, when he showed him the Psalm Menorah written on a gold platter. Gold Mofaz was similar to sulfur when it is unlit fire and is against the middle barrel. Solomon expected the gold chair Mofaz: "And the king made a great throne of ivory and gold Mofaz expect."

David prepares shifts Terms and attendants

David puts 24 shifts Terms and attendants against the 24 books of the Torah. And chronicles written "David" plene he numerology 24, against 24 shifts provided by David. "And gathered all the ministers of Israel and the priests and the Levites"

(I Chronicles, as" C, A).

Malbim: after being crowned the whole, stated what David did before he died, having crowned the whole, and prepared himself to go the way of all the earth: then arranged the shifts priesthood and the funeral, to be ready to Solomon his son, "and to stand Controller Lhdot and praise Lee and involve "(Chronicles, as" c), and then ordered the complete and was gathered to his people.

Radak: David separated the sons of Asaph and Heman and Idoton poets, and others have doormen, and others being treasurers on the treasures of the Lord "and separated David and Sherry army cultivate to harvest and hydrogen and Idoton prophets lyres harps and Bmtzltim, no matter the number people craft their service"

(I Chronicles, as" the, A).

Sons of Asaph were playing in a song, and collected a series about the Holy Spirit and was a poet in his mouth the sound of the violin, and Heman, and Idoton all were prophets with a tool song that Psalms is said in the Holy Spirit and the prophecies and the fortunes of exile and redemption. The teacher was collecting them in song and prophesied, saying carols sweet singer of Israel.

And were collected four, and their Idoton six, and the Hayman was fourteen, and now the three of them were twenty-four shift leaders against the priests were too Twenty four, and Joseph, son Assaf Head Guards Levites with Yahuirib Rashmshmrot priests and all of them, and these twenty-four shifts Levites was each one with his twelve sons, here between all of them were two hundred and eighty-eight …

"There was a number (of Home Guards are listed with their friends learned about the song) with their fellow teachers of song Lay all understanding (about the song) Two hundred eighty-eight" (Chronicles, as" E). Not figured out all the most knowledgeable about the playing, and everyone was number four.

King David from the servants of the king

King David divided Israel into 12 sections, each of them will serve, and the public will direct the royal family for a month a year, "and the children of Israel to their numbers, the chief fathers and captains of thousands and hundreds, and Strihm serving the king for anything departments following and went month by month throughout all months of the year, from one department (each month a different class, ie one-twelfth of Israel) twenty-four thousand "

(I Chronicles, as" M, A).

Now everything is ready to build the Temple!

David says: "Now let your heart and your soul to require Leigh Aֱlkichm and Como and built the temple Yi god, bring the ark of the covenant Yi god holy vessels built to house DJ"

(I Chronicles, c" b).

Midrash Tehillim Delivered:

"Mizmor Shir David" – David? And the whole neo (Solomon built the Temple)? But since David thought to build it and gave it his, although his son Solomon builder, was named after David.

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