Original Star of David

Original Star of David

The roof of the tabernacle covered with skins therefore cut the shape triangle. Now if you take the triple A from the north and being hunted him triangle A from the south, you will receive an isosceles triangle one. Place the triangle that created both triangles A center of the triangle in and what do you get? The shape of the Star of David "famous (see figure below).


Figure: the tabernacle roof covered with skins cut to the shape of the triangle.

"Star of David" and 12 tribes

Another source of Magen David "brought until 'Israel incarnation of the Year" Rabbi SZ Kahane, z "l: There is an opinion that seeks to see the shape of the Star of David symbol deploying the tribes" in military camps next defend against enemies from the four corners of the country. The" tribes settled in four camps, Camp each side, with each camp three tribes as one of the tribes at the head of the camp, and each tribe has its own flag.

Four camps were:

A. Judah – and his right and left Issachar and Zebulun.

In. Reuben – and reliability and left Simeon and Gad.

C. Ephraim – and reliability and left Manasseh and Benjamin.

Wednesday. Dan – and his right and left Naphtali and Asher. And in the middle of the camps was the tribe of Levi: Priests and Levites, tent and the ark and flag flew above them.

Presumably David passed the tabernacle and the ark abode in Jerusalem prescribed by" the" in representatives of the tribes of Israel in order of their encampment in the desert when the ark and the priests in the middle, this image and its relationship to King David remained in my mind warrior nation. The link between the Star of David Joy" in tribal Theodor Herzl wrote in 1898 child" R Bodenheimer suggested that he set the national flag with the "Star of David" V" on" star symbol I in tribes. Herzl wrote: Gift" on the tribes Rmozim Magen David "own me" at the points where …


The Star of David symbol argument "was used in the past to decorate with pagan nations (pagans) and ancient churches can be explained thus: that Christianity came from Judaism and basically imitation of Judaism! What is also known Llachlshmmtzia Christianity was Jewish! Theory of the early Christians (who were Jews who retired from Judaism) was a mixture of Jewish ideas (without observance) and pagan ideas. Christianity began operations 70 years AD, a time when humanity began to shake illiteracy idol. Probably the root and source Hihudisl founders of Christianity was the reason some iconic "Star of David" that adorn ancient churches. And through the early Christians went Magen David "The pagans. On top of these peoples may have taken the symbol of the Star of David "is also from nature, lily flower, and used it only as a decorative motif (cited study by Uri Ofir). Dictionary Sapphire: many icons based on the lily, lily is also a nickname for decorating or carving in the form of the title of the lily flower, lily with Israeli rule. Another reason could be: 2600 years ago, when most of the inhabitants of the earth were pagans, the ten tribes exiled from Israel by the Assyrian king" heathen countries like India, and others, as to the Christians, and brought wherever the symbol "star of David" and is commonly used. What also probably shield of David "came to these countries by means of trade relations between the United supervised.



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