Original Star of David

Original Star of David

David's name = Star of David = 6

In ancient Hebrew script (of the development of the alphabet, Israel Museum, 1981), which was discovered at Siloam before nearly 3,000 years ago (during the reign of David), David stated that:

Ds is written in the form of a triangle, and the signal and signal similarly written and today. Meaning: The name of David is composed of two triangles form a Star of David, and signal and numerology = 6, ie, two triangles are the Star of David has 6 sides. It follows – David King plays right inside put the Star of David shape "(It should be emphasized that the signal D appears in ancient Hebrew form of a triangle also Gezer Calendar and the status of Mesha, etc.).

6 petals

Another source symbol of the Star of David "is a lily flower, its flowers are very similar to Magen David". 6 lily flower petals arranged in two triangles on top of each other, and it is very possible that it served as inspiration to symbolize the Star of David. "Lily – as six, six lily flower petals.

By RAMBAM": flower lamp seven nests – lily shaped Maimonides commentary on the Mishna, Tractate Chapter III brings offerings: seven nests lamp … and the cup is a cup shape of a piece which is below tight … and the button is a character that is not a round ball outright only that it takes a little close to the shape of egg chicken., and flower – shape of a lily. (flower lamp was shaped lily, and we know that lily flower shape "star of David" and we must not forget that the lamp was not made by human hands, but Ashah crutch" e, and hence that God " the created the lily flower lamp, having the form of "star.") and the laws of the Temple Chapter III went Tuesday Rambam writes S"hfrhim (lamp) as the flowers of the pillars "(pillars" prepare and Boaz "in Temple), famously lily shape "heading, which is on top of the pillars was lily" … (Kings G, the" i).

Lily flower shape (in the form of "Star of David") lamp Menorah

Magen David "follows the Jewish history since the dawn of existence, and to symbolize the Star of David" has some ancient sources. By Uri Ofir's research on the Jewish origin of the Star of David ": one source symbol Star of David" and the most prominent among them is the seven-branched candelabrum that was the official residence, returned candles arranged in a lily – "Star of David", the lamp was made in the desert after the Exodus and receiving Torah when Israel became a nation, and it was made evident by the crutch"" e, hence the Star of David made ​​with the crutch"" e. "And that makes it difficult act of the pure gold to her thigh until flourished melons is like a mirror that showed Jay Moses, so did the pure" (Numbers Chapter H, D). Midrash Tanhuma Delivered: God showed finger, as he will have difficulty in (Moses)., And therefore Dcasr showed him the lamp was (crutch" E) makes the lamp … and brought offerings as" T: Three things we find it difficult to Moses showed them God has a finger … he knew and understood pattern lamp, then the lamp was actually started becoming evident …

Seven-branched menorah (top view), which was lily votives houses, arranged in a "Star of David" and casting a shadow in the form of "Star of David" as described in the work of Uri Ofir

Lily flower and shape of the Star of David "surround Judaism from its inception

Some observers say lily flower consisting of 6 sepals form of a "Star of David", is actually the Rose Song of Songs that suggests the people of Israel, As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters (Song of Songs, B). "I am the rose of Sharon lily of the valleys' (Song of Songs, A). Rashi explains: lily – is Rose. (Ie: Lily, what we call accidentally Rose – This rose). Shla book exchange letters Delivered: "I Rose of Sharon Lily of the valley" … and there are six on us .. ., called a rose is a rose … also puts a song made ​​in the shape Shoshana (fortresses score Psalm c" T, a). Midrash Rabbah Song of Songs presents: Rabbi Yuden said: "I am the rose" is not a lily and she rose, but every time she is calling her little lily, increased call it rose lily. And what is called a lily? Hidden in shadow. And in "Pardes Rimonim" exchange as" C" episode about a Delivered: Lily – has a red rose and lily white.

Sapphire dictionary Delivered: Lily – a type of onion plants bearing large white flowers (white lilies) or red and purple …

Lily decoration (in the form of "Star of David") titles

Pillars "Yachin and Boaz" in the Temple

King Solomon who built the first temple and placed two pillars of brass performance and impressive, Jachin and Boaz, "rose up the stood in mute Hall, and rose up the right pillar, and called his name shall prepare, and rose up the left page and called his name Boaz" and height: "fat old mother Top floor one "(about 9 feet in height. meaning: each page at a height of about 4 storey apartment building), and Home pages made ​​headlines beautiful" and two Allowing made ​​to the Home page Firming five cubits bronze coronation floor one (about -2.5 meters high all permitting, ie the height of the living area), and five cubits floor coronation fever "… and the headlines made ​​in the form of lily flower" and permitting that the top of the pillars was lily "… (Kings G , the" i).

Lilies (in the form of "Star of David") decorated the "Copper Sea" in the Temple

Even the language of the "Copper Sea" which contained a water tremendous work of the Temple "holding houses three thousand will contain", and was about twelve Becker (diameter 5 m, height of 2 storey residence, and height 2.5 m, the height of the living area) , was decorated with the shape of lily (flower of the lily similar to Magen David "):" and he made the sea a solid ten mother lip to lip round around five mother stature (Chronicles II, d, b)., and language: as a language of flower cup rose "(Chronicles, Wednesday, Thursday). Rush" J.: In his mouth was finely hammered and degenerates. As a language the glass Ssotin and painted lily flower.

Tabernacle roof covered with skins

Triangle-shaped cut

(Triangle-triangle-shaped "Star of David")

Another source of Magen David "is presented in his book Rabbi Yosef Ba – Gad: add Farm Part II, pp. 773 and presented in an article by Naomi Gotkind:

Where a father … King David the shape hexagonal star-shaped graphic – Star of David "?

Kabbalistic literature that deals much cosmic significance of the Jewish sacred numbers, has devoted intensive attention also hexagonal Star "and two constituent triangles. New glow Midrash Ruth, draw attention to studying triple holiness, and who do not remember the "Six Wings' vision of Isaiah? There is no doubt in Three "Line and Six" (six days), substantial Judaism. The question is whether there was such a substantial connection between the narrator and graphic form starry he creates, that which we call the "Star of David"?

And here we discover scholar Petach Tikva: Rabbi Shimon Katz, who not only shield of David "fundamental to Judaism, but even King David who discovered it first. David drew the graphic form the hexagonal structure of the Tabernacle! Tent of Meeting accompanying left Egypt forty years in the wilderness, says Rabbi Katz was ingrained form two triangles in reverse, through which the shape and absorbed in Jewish culture from which absorbed the Song of David in the book of Psalms, moved incarnation rolls tombstones Jewish iconostasis and coats Torah scrolls, until she revival generation Israel's national flag.

While looking in old books and antique less, it's R. Katz few paragraphs in a book, "Mishkan and its vessels act of thinking" Gaon Kabbalist Rabbi Immanuel Chai Riki published in 1716 in Venice: "Thou shalt cover the tent" (Exodus", and the" d) , Dsbira Lia who was that if the lid, and comes down over the oil boards on three sides and is just … when stretched was such that he has three horns, and meant this: a triangle. Takes another genus because the length of thirty-breadth five cubits, and divided in accommodation for two, and takes these two triangles angled and proved them tent, one north and one south … and takes another genus because the length of thirty-breadth five cubits, and divided diagonally into two and take these other triangles angled and proved them tent, one north and one south … and takes another species and makes the first act, but then both triangles in each other, about the old becomes a triangle isosceles, and stretching the tent west between two angles triangles first and stretched them up her mind (runs tip) middle east wind, the first two triangles and sew all the triangles together … a triangle from the North and from the South and West.

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