Original Star of David

Original Star of David

"Star of David" and the sages of Israel

Sages of Israel knew as an expression "Star of David" and has been in the Babylonian Talmud in Pesachim Ki" G, B appears in the name "Star of David" as a prayer, "Blessed are you, Jay Star of David". "Star of David" refers Lkb" he defends the King David. "Star of David" occupies an important place blessings and prayer, next as an expression "Magen Avraham" who also occupies an important place in prayer. The two phrases "Magen Avraham" and Magen David "refer Lkb" which protects the Abraham and David, and both are based on verses in the Bible" Testament. Genesis Tu, A. crutch" says the Abraham … "Fear not, Abram, I am thy shield" … and King David says in Psalm Lkb" C, D: … "and you Yi protects me" Psalms … and the" h," and to: … "and give me a protective Ishac" …

Lamp inside the Star of David "

Said Kabbalists that God showed" the Holy Spirit King David's Psalm" M "winner" Menorah, written in letters of gold Mofaz shaped lamp. And David A." The theme was this hymn, written and drawn and engraved protects Betts of gold in the form of a lamp, and when he goes to war was intentional entrust hymn and had won her enemies, and would fall before him. Hermann" I wrote the lamp was painted in the Star of David. "And the right of the Torah and the faith of David was defending him.


"Star of David" and the names of angels

Kabbalah explains that the Star of David "is much more complex than it seems apparent. "Shield" means acronym angels: Michael, Gabriel Nouriel. Star of David symbolizes ads that may create the perfect spiritual protection.

"Star of David" symbol of salvation

Symbol of the Star of David "is also considered in the Kabbalah as a symbol of redemption, which will come through the Messiah descendant of King David.

Structure of the Magen David "" Star of David "is comprised of two equilateral triangles facing 6 directions: one triangle top of his head directed towards the sky and turns toward the spiritual world, and a triangle two top of his head directed towards the ground and facing the material world. And the aim is to soar up towards spirituality, and come down into the physical and material. (This is reminiscent of the interest the messiah comes the devil: and the intention is not severe, but rather the matter in ass. The messiah he represents spirituality – take control and ride on the material, "severe" = letters "Material").

"Star of David" and the number 6

6 points symbolizing the universe. Magen David "six edges and thus hint: the Holy One – blessed – it controls at 4 cardinal points, and the sky above, and from below = 6 (north, south, east, west, up, down).

Six features were seen proof of a connection between King David and the Star of David symbol "(where 6 points). Prophecy of Isaiah which takes six features of the messiah, "and he'd been Yi: the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and fear of Yi" (Isaiah", b 'in the Encyclopedia "Judaism"). And at 6 qualities of King David is the father anointed of God: "Knowledge Player and mighty man of valor, and a man of war, and prudent thing, and one described, Wei with him" (I Samuel T. M", the" M – I. h).

6 words Star of David "is also used as a symbol of defense, such as reading" heard "that the power to protect people from harm. Magen David "6 points, against six words reading" Listen ": Hear O Israel the LORD our God the Lord is One.

6 "wings" Drawing the Star of David, "which consists of hexagonal out six" wings ". When Fold in the sixth H"cnfim "protruding into the hexagonal body – are precisely and completely cover the area of ​​the hexagon. Star of David "is the only star in the field" wings "is exactly equal to the face area (area of ​​the hexagon). And complete coverage of the body 6 "wings" implying Holy Lsrafi "six wings, six wings one: at twelve cover his face, and at twelve cover up, and twelve let them fly" (Isaiah, B).


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