King David's vow

King David's vow

"אִם אֶתֵּן שְׁנַת לְעֵינָי לְעַפְעַפַּי תְּנוּמָה-עַד אֶמְצָא מָקוֹם לַיְיָ"…

After David brought the Ark of God to Jerusalem He returned home, "Wei put all his enemies around him." So thought David to build the temple, after they rested from wars commands Israel to build the Temple, and the king must do and the Israeli team. So says David Nathan the prophet, according to ask the Lord for building the house and where built.

David sees himself sitting at a fancy cedar, but the ark of God sits in a tent and all the holy vessels altar, table lamp, gold … David feels that every day that the Temple is not built for this great torment. King David so eager to build the temple so that he takes a vow: that he will not sleep until his eyes to find the exact place where the Temple is rebuilt. "Remember Jay David all meet, who vowed a vow Leigh knight Jacob. Whether Father Tent home if Aaֱlh lie down to sleep, if you're in front of slumber to my eyelids, until I find a place Leigh mighty God of Jacob" (Psalm easy" in).

Tractate Brachot III, p" in Delivered: Rav Oshaya, said Rabbi Aha, he said David had never been asleep at midnight. Rabbi Zeira said until midnight he would doze horse (horse never fall asleep, but he always doze off and wake up after 60 breaths, dozing and waking up). Henceforth he would fight like a lion. Rav Ashi said: Until midnight was engaged in Torah, from here on in song and praise.

Book of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai "Delivered: … David King alive forever and ever. And King David keeps himself all his life not taste of death, because sleep is one sixtieth of dying, and David was the place he lives, not asleep but anxious breaths. That up to sixty breaths missing one is living away (60 breaths or more) person tasting flavor dominates his death and the spirit of impurity …

After King David was tormented and bothered and tired, revealed crutch" the place of the temple by hand of Gad the Seer, "and Gad came to David that day and said to him: rose Establish Leigh altar of the threshing-floor Aruna its aspects" (II Samuel as" D).

And Chronicles as" a, c" in: "And the king said David Ornan: No, that Buy buy at full price. Because I will not marry who you Leigh and rising cost gratis., And gave David Ornan instead shekels of gold by weight of six hundred., And built there David altar Leigh and Yael cost and lifetime, and read to Jay and answered him with fire from heaven on the altar of burnt., and said Yi and he turneth his sword into its scabbard. at that time when David saw that replied Yi threshing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite, and he sacrificed there … and David said: this is the house DJ god and that the altar of burnt offering for Israel. "

And when he came to Solomon to build the Temple stated (I Chronicles II, III): "Then Solomon began to build the house DJ at Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, which seems David his father, who made ​​David the threshing-floor of Ornan place Jebusites." And it was the first temple, which was directed against Temple heavenly Jerusalem, and had all five things that were missing in two: the ark, mercy seat, the fire, the Shechinah and Holy Spirit. When Israel came from the Babylonian exile to build the altar in the second temple, took with them three prophets Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi who showed them where it was the exact place of the altar on the Temple Mount.

Three commandments were commanded Israel entry to Israel: put a king, to destroy the seed of Amalek and build the temple. And David King feels the right time to build the temple. "The king said to Nathan the prophet, See now, I dwell in a house of cedar, but the ark god sat in scope." Nathan the prophet know that King David most worthy to observe this commandment, so says the prophet Nathan King: You did all that in your heart, that the Lord is with you. But then that night was the word of God to the prophet Nathan to tell him to tell David: the time thought best to build the Temple can not be executed. The time was not yet right to build the Temple. The prophet to announce David quickly, because David is so agile commandments of the Lord that he may have been to hire workers building the temple. "Go and tell My servant David: … that will fill your days and layer the fathers and founder of the seed after that went crunch and she called his kingdom, he shall build a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever", and thanks to David descendants will reign for ever "Your throne will be right up World ".

By Red" K. The Midrash: Why Gd spoke to Nathan" the same night? Said R. Simon: God said to Nathan – this man vower is, "swore a vow knight Jacob Leigh, if Dad Tent Hill" … that says: I do not eat and do not drink until I build the house of God. Quickly tell him: not you build.

But despite that Solomon son of David build the temple, the house called the David: "Hymn Song teacher at David" (Ps). Was David's favorite crutch" the one day of a thousand are sacrificed David Solomon. Therefore Basics Temple comforted David, not destroyed.

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