Jerusalem – City of David

Jerusalem – City of David

Jerusalem – City of David, the eternal capital of Israel

When David fled from Saul to Samuel the prophet Fatal level, he was there with Samuel Torah study. Policy level: level – is an example, shares – a world that is built temple, and find a place for David Temple with" J. Samuel.

By Red" Jack: Reception was they that grade Prime kingdom of Israel, and capture it, but who will be king over all Israel, which has never happened in the days of Saul, but that happened in the days of David was anointed king over all Israel. Now that united all of Israel under David, it was the first step of David as King of Israel: to conquer the capital city of Jerusalem from the Jebusites. Jerusalem had belonged to Judah and Benjamin, and had to occupy the part of Benjamin was still in the hands of the Jebusites, especially as David was unable to do so because King Saul was a winner, and Saul was a descendant of Benjamin. David goes with all his men and all Israel to Jerusalem to capture the stronghold of Zion.

Jerusalem remains in effect until a strange city in the time of David, and David bravery occupying the stronghold of Zion (is Jebus) Hold the fort, and the fort in his honor called "City of David". Then King David tried to capture the city was very strong. "David captured the Mtzdt Zion is the city of David … David occupied the fortress and called it the City of David, and David built around from Millo and inward." David commentators have made ​​a big shovel around the city of Zion and filled it with water, so they can not easily access the city, and from the Milo domestically built lofty fortified wall, as you do to fortify cities against enemies. And by building it around Milo, the son of David the foundations of the Temple which Solomon built later in the Temple, and therefore destroyed the temple foundations.

Conquest of Jerusalem was very difficult. David said that anyone who exceed the first and beat the city will be head of the army, and Joab who wanted to restore dignity in the eyes of David, struggled violently occupy the fort and remove it from the blind and the lame, and was appointed head. And said Midrash: Yoav brought fresh cypress and set it on the wall and hung cypress and jumped over the wall. What did the" crutch? Shortened the wall and went after David. And commentators: there were water pipes leading water to the city, and David's intention was that anyone approaching the city and stop the flow of water, it revealed his bravery and he will be Prime Minister, and that's what he did Joab.

The Midrash: Abraham made ​​a covenant to not inherited Abimelech New City Jebusites, and gave him seven sheep and put them on the opening example. Jebusites said to Abraham: severed our alliance that offspring inherit the Jebusite city, and we are selling you the Cave of the Patriarchs, and did so. And when dead they occupied, put the Jebusites Jerusalem Open seven iron sheep-shaped photographers, signal Abraham's covenant with Abimelech, and Hamidom city street and wrote about the Soviet oath, and when they came to Israel to Israel Israel could not get there because of the oath. Joshua was told i", and c" c: "and the Jebusites the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the children of Judah could not drive them out." Bone defect covenant between Abraham and Abimelech threatened David. Debbie Tanna Elijah brought great SEVEN: When Abraham made ​​a covenant with Abimelech, the angels gathered before the crutch" and said: Why cut down a covenant with Abraham Acre" from individuals are chosen from seventy nations and tongues?

And when King David wanted to go in there and left him, thus: "Then went king and his men to Jerusalem to Jebusite inhabitants of the land, and said unto David, saying: do not come here, because if Hֱsirc the blind and the lame" (II Samuel, E, F). King David said to him: you can not enter until you remove these photographers write about covenant oath. David said to his men: first off anyone who will remove the photographers and will be back. And increased Yoav Secretary of the Army Corps hero and took his hands and was back. Then King David bought the Jebusite city in Israel Gold Square everlasting possession, six hundred shekels of gold.

And another said that two photographers were at the top of the tower called the tube, and was one blind man named Isaac, and one lame Jacob, vowing he had sworn to Abraham to Abimelech, thus: "Abimelech Pirelli army minister unto Abraham, saying, god thee in all that you do. now swear to me in God here if you lie to me and Nini and grandchildren … and Abraham said: vertical swear "(Genesis as" a, c" on as" d). Therefore, Israel did not conquer the Jebusites occupied Jerusalem, because Abimelech's grandson was still alive. And in David King Abimelech was dead grandson and idle oath.

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