David's Tomb

David's Tomb

"ובקשו את ה' אלקיהם ואת דוד מלכם" (הושע ג', ה')

Burial place of King David and his son Solomon, and other kings of the house of David buried with them is Mount Zion is customary in Israel for generations.

  Here is acceptable in Israel for generations this building on Mount Zion in front of the Diaspora Yeshiva is building built over the Cave of the Davidic kings. And has been a holy place that was mentioned in the books of the ancient journeys. For student testified Ramban His book called results of Israel.

And, there is evidence quickly Menahem ben Zion trip in DA Ttka"h., And the book The Travels of Benjamin (who wrote it wrong Generations DA Ttkl"g "Everything he saw and heard from the truth wrote a book called The Travels of Benjamin and was anxious Smart of opinion ") of the traveler Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela brings evidence of those who entered Mount Zion and saw where the tomb of King David, and before him lay a table gold golden scepter and crown of gold, and left King Solomon and left the cave wind storm and hit them and fell to Israel dead and lying to the evening, etc., and tell all the things they saw Rabbi Avraham Hassid interpretation Mkostndina who mourners of Zion and Jerusalem, and Rabbi Avraham Hassid was told Rabbi Benjamin of all things (and brought the act also fine Generations AEC Ttkc"d and book gates of Jerusalem Raischer Price J made ​​the country)., and E 'button and flower PV (student Rosh), and Radbaz (ch. Trlg') and Maharam Benhabib just get the book, and the elder Jacob (ch. Trnh Sk"a) everyone relied on conventional arms Israel Davidic Kingdom tombs are on the South West at the top of Mount Zion, and so Malbim (Nehemiah PG DH him).

Evidence of Tzadikim prostrating themselves in this holy place.

  And we have evidence for many saints throughout the ages who come to pray at this holy place, and such holy Rabbi Moshe Brody breed deer zy Seer of Lublin emphasizes student who said all the Psalms tomb Daa"h in Zion., And ztz Ben Ish Chai Ari wrote his visit a special long prayer maxim there, and it speaks terrible prayer thou King David "David Malka establishment of Messiah" and so on. And the holy Rabbi Yitzchak Alapiia Rosh Yeshivat Beit El terrible epigram composed prayer in this holy place Isaac box printed book., And last generation took holy site holy lance Mzwiahl and holy Mbaian, and the Amorites the holy truth and pregnant "K. Lubavitcher Rabbi Schneersohn (he considered very holy place and wrote a letter printed in the holy bonds M. letter d Ttld facility without Christ is by reciting Psalms in public in this holy place, and went in-law Lubavitcher Rebbe zy was his inspirational discourse send to penis) and Amorites live holy Vizhnitz. And holy his inspirational discourse Lelov zy he had a receipt AZ Zakin Hardtz"s Lelov zy. And Breslov Charh"tz great Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz zt (as it is written in his book Days of Samuel III) and tzaddik Rabbi Shmuel Shapira and friends, were used much alone and serve God in this holy place.

Buried with the kings David and Solomon, AH

And as is standard in Israel King David built the home and fortress on Mount Zion, where the City of David, and to put the ark of the covenant for seven years (you should, in II Samuel Chapters – M) where he carved burial cave (and according to "the meaning of the words of Chazal Tosefta riche No. Bnei Brak this cave is open manage Kidron and is therefore not defiles and Acm"l) where holy resting place, and a place to rest for the rest of the Davidic kings whom zy.

And according to annotated in three Bava Kama (P) King David and his son King Solomon and King Hezekiah buried together, and this is the place excellent kings of the house of David. Well as out words verses in six kings are buried in close proximity to them and they Rehoboam, son of Solomon, the father son Rehoboam, Asa Ben Her father, Jehoshaphat the son of Asa, Ahaziah son of Joram, Uzziah Jotham son., and was buried in the cave where Jehoiada the high priest who saved the Davidic Kingdom (Da"i in pitcher, P), and simply buried in this sacred cave righteous king Josiah (who like him do not Here was a king who sit on the Lord with all his heart and all his soul and with all his might as written in II Kings, to W, Y) and possibly Amaziah the son of Joash buried there (Cms"c Twenty-seventh Hgri"m Tikochinsky book Holy City and Temple H. "in Fi"b).

Evidence Maharam Hagiz called the Arizal and the severe warning of Maharil Diskin

Besides already testified Early reception we Maharam Hagiz Rabbeinu based Arizal hands on this receipt.

And Ari did not enter Jerusalem greatness, but was outside of Jerusalem and the holy spirit testified to the truth of holy places "in Jerusalem (as presented in the book Love Score Board here also brought a book Hibat example Horowitz article heralds Score signal S Page soft, and so pregnant "Jack Mkamrna glow alive).

And has been warned resin Maharil Diskin zy (passage from sacred soil YL in Tr"n by Maggid Moilkomir) Mlfkfk one accepted being kept in holy places and the late "really all holy sites acceptable for all generations Hema right loyal and true to themselves , and do not have any evidence, let alone let alone testified to this world Charmb"n pages late and Pirkei Avos and Rosh Moses Chagiz late, and anyone who insists on and stand him first cast doubt on one of the all holy places mentioned in the testimony of the above "and reveal to him and his doubts to his fellow man, he even foolish, wicked and rude, and even preventing his friend from doing a mitzvah to pray there. "

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