David was anointed king

David was anointed king

David was anointed king by the prophet Samuel

"He said Yi to Samuel: How long will you mourn for Saul (This is the only place in the Bible" Testament stating mourn the person lives) and I esti king over Israel? Full horn with oil and go I will send you to Jesse Kati, because I saw his sons Lee King" (Samuel T." M). Even though the prophet Samuel mourned for Saul, he was quick to observe the commandments of God, and even though was no danger to life: to anoint a new king when King Saul was still in front of you.

Bethlehem elders who feared for him and received him with great reverence, it was clear that the prophet Samuel, equivalent to Moses and Aaron, came to them exclusively on behalf of God. Indeed, the prophet Samuel came to Bethlehem to anoint David king of Israel is alive and well, the Messiah – to crown the Lord's anointed. And although the Prophet Samuel comes the messiah Messiah to the top of his life, can not be released from his love and his failure to ask Saul. Is going to crown King David when Saul was still king.

Samuel comes to Vichy, and when he sees Eliab the firstborn Yishai beautiful and tall as hell, he thinks that the Lord chose a king, but a crutch" The telling him: "Do was reflected to the appearance and tall stature that Mastyahu, that man perceives . because the person must use his eyes Wei will show on loving. "Despite being Eliab is tall, scholar, God-fearing … he rejected the monarchy. Said Hazal: Though he does not look pretty decent kingdom by his features. Israel needs a leader with a size, and Eliab was angry. "All the angry, even great about constant from the sky, bringing him down." When David came to the battle scene with the Philistines said, "and Eliab's anger was kindled even David". And degree of jealousy was the Eliav, David says: "Why is it you lost and forsaken little sheep who enjoy the wilderness, I knew Zdnc and a bad heart that you lost the war for the sake of visibility."

When Jesse puts his sons one by one before the prophet Samuel, the prophet Samuel came to pour oil on their heads, but the oil was running away back. "And Samuel said to Jesse: more sons?, And said more rest (left or language lyric) Little" (David was then 28 years old, but was decreasing and concealing himself like a remnant), "Behold, grazing sheep. And Samuel said to Jesse: sent and we took that was not about to come here. "

When Samuel saw David "red with beautiful eyes and a good mirror," he fears: that red connotes bloodshed? "He said Yi: the establishment Mshachhu" (Get up, messianic going and you sit?), "Because it is!" When it came to David, ran the oil itself and Nitzok head David (Tanhuma), and satchel know? Psalms Ki" I brought: and since came to cast oil on the head of David, see Samuel oil runs itself and Nitzok on his head, and coagulated it drops of oil and precious stone, and returned to the horn of oil filled as it was.

Although David was chosen king red appearance that suggests anger and bloodshed. The confusing appearance of David is hiding a secret petition makes crutch" The David and his descendants, so there would be accusing the soul of this petition. The person is not determined by outward appearance, but according to his inside, properties and dimensions. Also did was red – but made ​​alive by the sword. And David is not only red, but red "with beautiful eyes." Although it was the sword, but David his whole life fighting just the wars of the Lord, and from the many who shed blood did not build the Temple. "After all Msnaich Yi hate, and Btkommich Atkotadt" King David bloodshed only by the Torah, in order to destroy the enemies of Israel and reach a state of peace to Israel from all their enemies, and in preparation for the building of the Temple by Solomon" s son. And though David Auburn, and by his looks would not have chosen the prophet Samuel to King, with all this said Hazal: were David King two forces so called "Gently HaEtzni": that when he goes to war – it was hard himself as a tree, and while he was studying and engaged in Torah – was a treat itself as a worm.

David was full of humility and devotion, he would himself like a remnant (another little rest …) and was very devoted animals. See crutch" the devotion we found the said crutch": This deserves to be a shepherd my people. Humility is considered a person if all the victims sacrificed all. Delivered straight Tracks "Lrmh' 'to: someone whose opinion lowland him, as if he had saved the sacrificed sacrifices everyone, says:" god sacrifices a broken spirit "(Ps. v." a, s" i). They said St. – Welcome – is Israel: sons I desire you, even I affect you big yourself before you Mmatin. I gave great uncle, said: "I am a worm and not a man, and despised the shame of a man with" (Psalm as" B, G).

Saul was anointed King Police Commissioner oil

Saul was anointed king by the prophet Samuel" s oil and Police Commissioner persimmon oil, which is a tool broken beyond repair, so it continued reign.

Saul is just that: it was borrowed kingdom (Saul lent it, figuratively), and no repeat of his reign, but constant. Since the creation of the world belongs to the royal seed of David, which is the reincarnation of Adam. All cause the election of Saul reign was the will of the people, and therefore one is selected which is also righteous, but also that tall people will like. Contrary to ask himself came to the prophet who crowned, Samuel the prophet has himself to the applicable mission of God, to crown David.

David was anointed king of the Fund

David was anointed the fund was in the Tabernacle with tools anointing oil, and was ready to anoint the kings of the house of David, and anointed with the anointing oil which Moses made​​.

David has been Bmshihto of the fund was a sign of the continuation of his reign. As the foundation nudging here and there, so David nudging the kingdom he and his sons and their sons. David King not only because of the will of the people, but that it is time that Christ will reign, the king who was chosen by Gd"" s the. And immediately the mood took him anointing of God, and the spirit of God left Saul.

Anointing of kings according to God rested on the prophets, and despite Zadok the priest anointed Solomon King was there with him also gave the Prophet, as it is written: "And anoint him there Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet, king over Israel, and blow you the trumpet, and say: Long live King Solomon" (Kings a, a, to" d). By Red" Jack: anointing with" King was the casting of the first oil on the head of the king, and then he would anoint him to form the crown from his lashes, and the oil that remains in the fund was poured on his head. By Gershonides "and anoint him there Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet:" We knew that the anointing oil did Moses made ​​generations as mentioned there and do another another., And no intention of string Shimshachhu whole oil is that not enough fat one another, and anointed him that If some of the anointed., and here was the anointing of the king on his head … and proper that this unction where the crown of the kingdom.

David anointed the messiah who will rise up all his descendants after him as the messiah of Aaron and his sons were anointed all the descendants followed them to be priests. And therefore did not have to anoint later that if the High Priest. And Solomon, son of David anointed just because a dispute sir.

What is the point of Unction?

Said Hazal: as the oil floating to the top and no one is floating above it and does not get mixed so Magnified king over all his brothers and will clean oil does not get any mixture.

Clearly, all of which was third with David since his mother's womb to the present, and all that showed his mother and was able to cover his son, Jesse realized the greatness of his wife and son David greatness. And as he kept his secret before David anointed king David that keeps his secret even after anointed king. And although David was anointed king in front of his brother treated him has not changed.

"Wind and Yi to succeed David from that day," from that day's anointing of David King, David began to rise higher and higher and Saul began to fall. David succeeded the spirit of prophecy, and ask Serra Spirit of the Lord. By Red" Jack: Spirit of the Lord – refers to the Holy Spirit, born David from the anointed king, and so on. And said the songs and hymns of the Holy Spirit who was born in, and heroic spirit awoke him.

God's spirit left Saul king "Yi Spirit left Saul and an evil spirit from Batto Yi," Saul's servants who wish to offer him a man who can play the violin, which plays in front of him since his Spirit of the Lord bad and be good to him. "And Saul said unto his servants, See me now a man that can play well and Hbeotm me. Answered one of the boys and say: Here I saw Ben Yishai Kati: Knowledge Player and a mighty man of valor, and a man of war, and prudent thing, and one described, Wei with him" (I Samuel I" M, the M" – the" h). King Saul sends to Jesse, "gave me your son David who flock", and David becomes Saul's henchman. When a host Goblin King Saul, take David to the violin in his hand and plays "Spirit ask and good for him and Serra off evil spirit" and Saul loved David and Mmnhu to a lackey: "And David came to Saul and stood before him and Iaֱhbhu very And he had carried Tools".

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