David Shepherd

David Shepherd

David Shepherd

And Samuel said to Jesse, "any more sons?" And he said: "Another little rest" (28) "Behold, evil sheep." David was hated that his father and brother who had been the bastard, so David was rejected by his family and sent to graze their flocks far from home and family. Where remote and isolated from his house, he asked David the proximity of God. "I'm happy that I answered, for I learn statutes" Psalms Ki" t. David was glad his agony and gives them admission to the Lord, if not for the agony would not have such great devotion of the living God. Family, which sent him to graze his sheep in the wilderness did not know of it are actually sending David to prepare the kingdom.

Although King David was a mighty kings, follower followers, head wise, humble answered modest modest, first and last poets – was not sorry man all his life King David. He was born in the beginning contemplative grief and anguish that he left it to his dying day. His enemies were many more than the hairs of his head: "Rabo hairs Main Transformer Gratis". Even after taking into play for King Saul, and although the King made ​​his lover and henchman, though so do not let him looking after his father's sheep. David goes returned from Saul his father's sheep graze in Bethlehem.

Faithful Shepherd

From the dawn of human history, our ancestors were shepherds and flocks tested: Cain brother Abel was a shepherd, Abraham was a shepherd, both Isaac and Jacob were shepherds. All the tribes people of Israel / Jacob were shepherds and Saint Joseph presented them before Pharaoh, when they reached Egypt. Moses was a shepherd, he gave up tending sheep when he fled kid ran after him and gave him that was thirsty, riding on his shoulder and returned to the herd. Saul was grazing the cattle: "Behold, Saul came after the cattle of the field" (Samuel I, the" A), and King David was a shepherd.

Shepherding conducted Numbers (David says: Harry and the bear … and it makes clear that David tending sheep in the desert, as Ari and Dov are not located within a settlement). Grazing sheep in the wilderness was up huge, single desert shepherd is with himself, it is the ability to retreat with God and creation that says a tremendous closeness to God. Numbers shepherd cares for every need and shortage of sheep: food, water, litters, gas, etc.. The shepherd can drive the flock in the wilderness as he wished: If viciously if devotion – no one sees, no one knew about it in the desert far from city, only himself and his Creator. Sheep does not even complain, as beat the flock or be mean to him – he is silent and goes on, does not show any resistance to anything or protest whatsoever, sheep depends only on the kindness of a shepherd. And here shepherding revealed the greatness of King David and his exemplary dedication. "Yi righteous will examine" – crutch" The David flocks tested and found faithful shepherd. "David chose worked, and took him corral livestock, since the cost Hֱbeo grazing Jacob his people, and Israel his inheritance." When he saw the crutch" the wisdom of David and devotion, we found the mercy and compassion for his flock, said the" crutch: it deserves to be a shepherd my people, and thus won the David kingdom.

What is the "corral sheep"? David was imprisoned these sheep from those. David was the largest sheep close to the little ones will eat first, if not, the biggest would eat everything and leave nothing for the little ones. David was driving the Goats – Main weeds and Achilles soft top, take out the goats – and they eat them mid grasses it medium, takes the boys – and Achilles primarily of grasses it hard. Said the Holy One – blessed – is: Who knows how to tend the flock man according to his ability, import and shall feed my sheep – Israel. (Yalkut Shimoni Tehillim by" H).

Midrash Delivered: David would give his life for keeping sheep, and when a lion came and Dov is not afraid, he fought them self-sacrifice and killing them. Before the confrontation with Goliath, David said to King Saul (I Samuel J. M" to" D): … "bad was your servant father sheep, came Harry and the bear and carried that lack, and I followed him and Hctio and saved his mouth, and rose up on me and Hhֱzkti beard, and Hctio and mythical. both the lion and the bear struck servant "… and all this in order to save a sheep … he treated sheep devotion, kept them excellent guard, showed tremendous responsibility and tremendous dedication.

David and Ram

David when he was tending sheep went and found an old Ram Desert, and was convinced that he was a mountain, and came to him and was a shepherd. Ram shake and stood, and David was mounted on the horns and reaches up to the sky. At the same time David prayed before the saint – Blessed – is Shiuridao the Ram. What did the" crutch? Called him a lion. Because he saw the lion who had dreaded Ram him and lay him, as the lion king of all animals and beasts. Since David saw the lion who had dreaded thereof, summoned crutch" the deer, the lion jumped him and David went down and walked away. It says: "Save me from the lion, and the loud, you've got projectors" (Midrash benevolent as" b).

Every time when David was coming back to Bethlehem to visit the house of his father, were members of the city seeing red David, who was cold and heat, and the heat of the desert sun, his flesh was not refined pleasures of the body, and they do not see its beauty. But since he had never been caught red-handed, began to hang the ancestral source spoil spoiled: for he comes from Ruth the Moabite, and all the waste that came from Ruth clung to the boiler alone, compared righteousness of Boaz who adhered Saturday and seven sons. Nevertheless, David was nice eyes: he looked favorably recounted. Certified was good: he saw good. Only after the anointed king and fighter of his time to emerge, David became a man Degree and handsome in the eyes of those who knew him.

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