Buying Temple Place

Buying Temple Place

David bought the Temple Place full price

David bought the site of the Temple Mount – Home from the coffin Jebusite 600 shekels of gold

Radak: Aruna Jebusites reigned in Jerusalem during King David, that remained there ever since they conquered the Jebusites Bnei Yehuda.

Field and the barn was Aruna Jebusites and wanted to give David the field and barn, but David did not want to accept that if the full price. And after David conquered the fort, put the Jebusites who was there to stay in Jerusalem and be tax works, and the Jebusites was there until Solomon built the temple. But this is not the Jebusites seven nations, but the Philistines seed Abimelech, and was allowed to put them dwell in the land because they received not working idolatry, and other commandments of Noah warned them. And by these fortresses David ": After the conquest of Jerusalem by King David" s coffin Jebusites converted.

"And he gave David Ornan shekels of gold weight instead of six hundred", the words of King David does the prophet Gad, and came with his men to the coffin Jebusites who goes to King David and bow to him. "And Araunah said: Why my lord the king come to his servant? And David said to Ornan, Give me a place threshing-floor and build an altar Lay, full price Tnhu me and plague from the people"

(I Chronicles, as" a).

David insists on buying the site of the Temple at full price to the plague, and refuses to accept it as a gift. Aruna has prepared immigrant David Becker, but David wants to buy only at full price. "And David bought the threshing-floor and the oxen for fifty shekels of silver." And all the Temple Mount and Temple Place Buyer David 600 pieces of gold, as clarified by the day: "And David gave to Ornan for the weight of gold pieces instead of six hundred"

(I Chronicles, as" a).

Rashi Chronicles, as" A," as the "gold pieces, six hundred weight" and at the end of the Book of Samuel says "fifty shekels of silver," How so? But took David from tribe fifty shekels, then six hundred shekels (50 double 12 tribes = 600), so that any Israeli part of the altar, and the Temple Mount will belong to all of Israel. Gershonides: barn with cattle bought David "fifty shekels of silver" to build an altar there and raise cattle sacrifice. But the place

That whole built the Temple (ie all the Temple Mount), David bought six hundred shekels of gold.

Altar of the threshing Aruna its aspects and stopping the epidemic

David builds an altar to the threshing Aruna Jebusites, and over his sacrifices and the plague stopped, "entreated Yi to Israel and the plague was stayed from Israel." And God's command to the angel, the angel answered his sword into its scabbard, "Yi said unto the angel, and sat his sword into its scabbard"

(I Chronicles, as" a, c" M).

David gets to reveal the location of the Temple

Holy – blessed – he discovers and shows David the precise location of the Temple – Aruna threshing floor on Mount Moriah Jebusites. For David is the fulfillment of the oath and vow that vow: "who swear Leigh, knight vowed Jacob: … if you're in front of my eyelids sleep – until I find a place Leigh mighty God of Jacob."

Radak St. – Welcome – He showed an angel with his sword drawn in his hand stretched out over Jerusalem, and stood near the barns Aruna Jebusites, to David sees him there and prayed, and the Lord was entreated him to that place and plague, and it will be David symbol: the name – is the place that God relented, where – is the exact place of the Temple, as he commanded the Lord by the prophet Gad set up an altar, where he accepted the fire fell from heaven on the altar.

"And David built there an altar Leigh and Yael cost and lifetime, and called to Yi, and answered him with fire from heaven on the altar of burnt" (Chronicles, as" A" and c). Fall in the fire on the altar and stopping the plague were for David a sure sign that: God answered him and it does exact location of the Temple. "At that time when David saw that the threshing-floor of Ornan Yi replied Jebusites and he sacrificed there … And David said: This is the house DJ god this is the altar for a burnt offering for Israel" (I Chronicles, as" B, A). Exact location of the temple is revealed to King David and from then on every applicant to make a sacrifice to God – out and sacrifice on the altar (Rush" s). And when he came to King Solomon to build the Temple, said Chronicles Tue: "Then Solomon began to build the house DJ at Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, which seems David his father, who made ​​David the threshing-floor of Ornan place Jebusites."

Since the Exodus and the entry of Israel to Israel in Israel, after the Tabernacle moved from place to place without a permanent place, it was King David 3,000 years ago – the first person of Jewish history who thought initiated and planned to build a house, the first temple was directed against the Temple in Jerusalem 's up.

Why the Temple site was not mentioned explicitly in the Torah?

"Because if the place chosen by Yi Aֱlkichm all your tribes to put any name to his neighbor shall demand and come there., And brought what Altichm and your sacrifices" …

(Deuteronomy" B, E).

"And was the place chosen by Yi Aֱlkichm the rest His Name …" (Deuteronomy" on, the" A). By Rabbi life affair "see" This place is Mount Moriah.

David bothered and labored to find a place to build a home selection. He vowed not to exceed his bed to sleep on, until we find a place to bring there the ark of the covenant. And after who suffered and bothered and tired – revealed crutch" The place hand of Gad the Seer, as stated in II Samuel, k" d, the" H "and Gad came to David that day and said to him: rose Establish Leigh altar granary Aruna its aspects ". And when he came to Solomon to build the temple said: "Then Solomon began to build the house DJ at Jerusalem on Mount Moriah that David his father, it seems"

(Chronicles B, C, A).

Why not mention the verse in Deuteronomy explicitly Mount Moriah, where he was to be built the First Temple and the other? But the leaves and just written the place, whom they knew not Israel and the nations of the world?

A. If the nations of the world would know the virtues of the temple, the place where you receive chapel (which is the gate of heaven), where raising the victims desire – was this nation wants to have its place, and by this culture were the world wars and bloodshed. As stated in Genesis as" h, i" VII -" D: "And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and said: Indeed there is Yi in this place and I knew it not. And he was afraid and said, How dreadful is this place, it is the house of god and this is the gate of heaven ".

In. What was known to the Canaanites inhabitants of this place, instead of it going to Israel, rebuild the Temple, were destroying and ruining the place as they could.

C. There were many tribes among themselves, similar to the dispute which fell Korach, because that tribe would like the Temple will be built in part. Therefore the text and just leaves the place and published, so that the nations of the world and Israel – did not know about.

Temple was built at the Benjamin

The Tabernacle was the first wheel and Afterwards Shiloh and Afterwards Nov and Givon. Moses blessed the Benjamin Temple built at no longer roams around like a tabernacle, but he shall dwell safely and kingship crutch" The Name of His Presence, as determining the place in his beloved friend, sure thought Shikblhu happily.

Things to" C" in the presents, "Benjamin said friend Jay dwell safely on it, washed it all day and shoulders so." Benjamin received the temple so lovingly gave him a choice place as a person subject to his loved one between his shoulders. By Onkelos: dwell in the Binyamin and the Temple will be built, and will there in the morning and evening sacrifices, and priests will each receive his share of the sacrifice. And Benjamin who likened the wolf, his kingdom would fall too likened to a wolf.

And why Win Benjamin partly build the Temple?

One. Binyamin was not present at the sale of Joseph, and even though he knew – was silent, so as not to whiten the face of his brother.

Two. Tribe of Benjamin jumped to the beach, and "wrap" the tribe of Judah, and Sir After Irovam like other tribes.

Three. Benjamin was born after bowing to Esau (and of course he was not bowed to Esau), and Benjamin was only born in Israel.

Four. Binyamin was perfectly righteous man who does not sin ever tasted, and was one of four people in the world who did not sin nor had to die, but died only due to the snake in Adam.

Genesis from" T," M brought about Jacob blessing Benjamin: "Theodore shipwreck morning and evening to eat distribute loot." By Rush" J.: This implies the reign of Saul, the first king of Israel came from the tribe of Benjamin. "And in the evening" – and even after the sun goes down, and Israel will be in exile by Nebuchadnezzar" s Babylon will be announced greatness of Mordecai and Queen Esther tribe of Benjamin, by which Israel will be saved and inherit all of the assets of Haman.

Site of the Temple had been bought at full price

Midrash Rabbah Genesis by" T, G Delivered: multi Juden said Simon Bar: This is one of three places where the nations of the world can say stolen it, and these are:

A. Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron

Place Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron and its environs were purchased by" J. Abraham from Ephron 400 shekels of silver legal tender "and be considered Abraham of Ephron the silver, which he hearing of the children of Heth, four hundred shekels of money with the merchant., And the field of Ephron which multiplied before Mamre, the field and the cave that is in it, and all the trees that bordered the field that all about, Abraham livestock in front of the Hittites all the gate of his city "(Genesis as" c" T g). By Rashbam: "field of Ephron which multiplied" refers to all that the valley is named after the product valley.

In. Place of the Temple and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Place of the Temple and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem purchased by King David" s weight 600 shekels of gold, "the king said David Ornan: No, that Buy buy at full price … and David gave to Ornan for the weight of gold pieces instead of six hundred"

(I Chronicles, as" a).

C. Burial place of Joseph in Nablus

Burial place of Joseph in Nablus, was bought by Jacob" s from the sons of Hamor, 100 pieces of money: "And Jacob came to Shalem, a city of Nablus … And he bought the portion of the field which tended to his tent where once the sons of Hamor the father of Shechem hundred pieces of money"

(Genesis" c," the report – the" i).

"And Israel said unto Joseph … and I gave you abreast of your brother" (Genesis", MK" A). Rashi: Nablus really, it will have a redundant one part about your brother.

Mount Moriah belongs to Israel since the creation of the world

Adam and Eve – Mount Moriah

Tractate Nazir H., B. presented: the first man was created from dust, soil altar on Mount Moriah. The creation of man was precisely where the temple there is an atonement, to imply that the person does not answer that without regulation. Since it is a righteous man on earth who does good and does not sin.

The next day the first human creation formed an altar on Mount Moriah, and sacrificed his victim: Taurus bull radiating from Paris. Rashi: "ox bull" – is a bull sacrificed Adam, created in stature. Damper Shay: "Projector" – Rabbi Judah: Taurus sacrificed Adam had one horn on his forehead. "Projector Paris" wanted to say a big horns and hooves wide, which is looking beautiful ox and a meat.

All creatures of the world created the article, and the first man created by the" crutch. Zohar presents: Come and see, when Gd created" the man, the dust collected from the four corners of the world (since about to die, and all over the world will land gets it). And his head was created from the dust of the land of Israel, and made it in a court" Jack, the same ground where the Temple was built below, and convened a crutch" The water from all parts of the earth, including kneading dirt road, and the first man the breath of life from the Temple of the above.

And said Hazal: Adam was very large, world end to end, even wisdom. Some say (Hagigah): from the earth to the sky. And was very beautiful and luminous face, and its light will be like light created in the six days of creation, illuminating the world end to end.

Page beginning to glow" d said: that the creation of woman was on Mount Moriah. Be the first person on Mount Moriah, the same place where the Temple was built, knocking him saint – Blessed – is fast asleep in, and when he was asleep took one of his ribs, and from it created the woman.

Midrash Tehillim, Rabbi life and Targum Jonathan Delivered: gates of heaven near Mount Moriah, and when man was expelled from Paradise is located on Mount Moriah, the place from which it was created and there begot sons.

Cain and Abel – Mount Moriah

Cain and Abel making a sacrifice on the altar which is built on Mount Moriah, just where was the altar that he built the first man and he sacrificed his victim.

Tractate Brachot and brought in Yalkut Loez "states: one of the reasons why Cain and Abel fought was that they thought they would be the only sons of the first man, and all of them claimed within which the temple should be built. Because even then knew the place where he was to build the temple, saw the first person who brought the victim in the same place.

And since the place was so holy, every one of them asked that the Temple will be built in part, because they thought they would live until that time when the Temple will be built.

Noah – Mount Moriah

Noah and his sons, who left the ark after the flood, brought sacrifices to God. According to tradition Hazal Ethics Rabbi Eliezer the Great, as" C: altar of Noah and his sons established on Mount Moriah, just where the altar was built by Adam.

And by Hazal: the olive branch that the dove brought to Noah quickly taken anointing, is the Mount of Olives near Jerusalem.

The Binding of Isaac – Mount Moriah

Abraham root with Israel, rolling the first person, starting out from the holy place to which Adam fell into sin. Genesis the" D," The days of the patriarch Abraham says, "Malki Tzedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine Cohen – to the Top". And completeness "is an example, as it says in Psalms by" and, G.:" And the whole Sukkot season in Zion. "Hazal spread that "Shulamith" Song of Songs from the complete (completeness "), which is an example.

Mask vows to" in Delivered: Malki Tzedek say that is where Ben Noah, who from his country to Jerusalem to work there the Lord, and had to serve not – the Supreme. Malki Tzedek is the name of the son of Noah, even by our teacher in my life. "A Tory": king of Salem (acronym GP) and reverse letters is the name.

The Binding of Isaac on Mount Moriah

"And he said, Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and get thee into the land of Moriah and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee …" (Genesis as" In, B).

Sanctity of Jerusalem came to her with the binding of Isaac on Mount Moriah on the foundation stone, the stone from which it is founded (created) world. Glow Delivered: Come and see when Gd created the world" threw a gem beneath the Throne of Glory and sank to the abyss, and the head of one of the stone lies in the abyss, and the other head up. And the head of the upper second point is one that stands in the middle of the world, and from there spread to the world the right and left, and all parties, and was the world with the same midpoint. And it is called the stone foundation stone, which was planted in the world on all sides, even "drinks" Seth J. – Thursday: that God" The name of it to be the basis of the world and planting everything. Abraham prayed that thanks Sacrifice on Mount Moriah and the right of self-sacrifice of Isaac, take advantage of Israel in the case. Delivered legend Midrash: "The Lord will" (Genesis as" on, the" b), the Lord will forgive Israel Sacrifice this every year and save them from calamity, as if Isaac's ashes piled on the altar.

Genesis as" d, c" c presents: "And Isaac went out to meditate in the field toward evening." By Tractate Berachot as" and, B: Isaac corrected Mincha not call but prayer. And presented in Pesachim F." H, A, that Isaac's prayer on Mount Moriah was called a field. Root" s brings Chullin T. A, B, whose temple is Mount Moriah where Abraham prayed, and prayed field where Isaac.

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